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Hill Consulting

– is an international consulting company founded in 1997.

We have been among the pioneers of the civilized international tax and investment planning market, and we are proud of the contribution to its development that we have made. We have partners all around the globe. In every country, we cooperate only with the most reliable providers and banks.

Our clients from Kazakhstan receive high-quality modern-day services in the areas of business consulting, company registration and administration in foreign countries, international investment and tax structuring, as well as emigration and real estate services.

What we offer:

  1. Registration of international trading and holding companies in Europe, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries;
  2. Assistance in opening bank accounts in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world;
  3. Consulting on CRS (automatic exchange of bank information between tax authorities of different countries) and information confidentiality solutions;
  4. Economic substance solutions in such offshore jurisdictions as British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Belize, Cayman Islands and others;
  5. International Standards Financial Reporting and Audit for foreign banks, for CFC/КИК purposes and as per requirements of the company’s country of residence, including offshore zones;
  6. Investment management consulting:
    • Portfolio investments in European banks and other financial institutions;
    • Investments into real estate abroad;
  7. Assistance in acquiring residence permits and citizenship in Europe and other countries.
You are most welcome to contact us for additional information.  
Initial consultations are FREE OF CHARGE with us! 
We can also provide consulting over Skype and WhatsApp. 
+7 (727) 312.34.33 
+7 (977) 100.07.88  WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram 
email: almaty@hill.ru

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